Friday, April 20, 2007

update on the abysmal essays

Oh, the ones that were steaming piles of poop still are, but we all talked about it in class (both of them). As per usual, the TTh class took it all in stride and we had a lovely little chat about it all (translation: I lectured at them, we did an exercise, some people had a come-to-Jesus moment on their own, and many people laughed) while the MW class just sort of stared back at me like I had three heads. But they do that anyway. Its just a different group of students.

Of course, most of the worst offenders weren't actually in class to hear the issues...c'est la vie.

I have hope, though, for the revised essays. I'll see those in a week and a half.

Hey! My thesis draft (full) will be done by then. It'll be like Chriskwanzakah!

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