Friday, April 13, 2007

random bullets of friday

* It's Friday! Always good. It's the only day I don't teach. It's like a little holiday every week. Except for work.

* It's Friday! I can get a lot of work work done because I won't be interrupted by going to school for a couple of hours.

* It's Friday! One of the things I have to do for my job is to do something very specific at or around 5am three days per week. Friday is one of those days. However, I can wake up at 4:55, do the thing, and go back to sleep at 5:15, unlike the other days. So hooray for that!

* It's Friday! While I don't normally bake a cake on Fridays, I am on this particular Friday because I said I would. I'm going over to school chum's house tonight and I'll be bringing this cake along with me. Mmmmm.

The following bullets have nothing to do with Friday:

* I turned in a draft of the Emerson & Muir chunk of my thesis. Only one (Thoreau & Muir) and a half (concluding remarks) more chunks to go. The edits I've gotten back, from the first chunk (all Muir, all the time) are of the "expand this paragraph because your logic isn't clear" variety, which simply means "I can see you rushed through this particular paragraph. Write the 2 pages it was supposed to be, and it'll be fine." Unless Mentor Prof reads the Emerson chunk and says I'm totally high, everything is going smoothly (if not slowly).

* There are only four weeks left in the semester. This fact has both positives and negatives attached to it.

* I have to take my French language exam. I've been putting it off because I can't think about it until my thesis is in a good place. I'm not worried about it, but it's just One More Thing I have to do in the next six weeks or so.

* My list of things that have to get done in the next six weeks is not getting shorter, because I can't tackle them until thesis is in a good place. Grrr.

* However, I am taking my car to the shop on Saturday to get new brake pads and an iPod module for the radio, so I'll have plenty of uninterrupted time to sit in the waiting area and type type type.

* Starbucks Dulce de Leche hot drink is gross.

* My Giants are playing like crap. I will still be a Giants fan when I move to Washington. Little known fact (unless you've known me for a long time) is that when I first moved to California, I was actually a Braves fan. It took a good two years for my buddy (and her family) to beat that out of me. I don't plan to switch to being a Mariners fan just because of geography. Plus, Giants fans have two really awesome outstanding blogs: El Lefty Malo and the McCovey Chronicles.

* My Warriors are trying their very best to get into the playoffs. If only they had started trying a little bit sooner. I will still be a Warriors fan when I move to Washington. No SuperSonics for me! Warriors fans also have a good blog, Golden State of Mind.

* Nothing to say about the Niners, except that I won't be a Seahawks fan when I move to Washington. Niners fans also have a good (new) blog: Niners Nation.

* I did not know this would turn into a sports post! But I will bring it back around to academics thusly: I had to tell a student that coming late to class because he was working on his NFL Fantasy Draft was not a good excuse. However, I also told him that as past champion of for-pay Fantasy Leagues, I totally understood—but it still wasn't a good choice nor was it an excused absence. He was cool with that. And a little sheepish. He's doing well overall in the class.