Sunday, April 1, 2007

have I told you the one about the onion?

First: not The Onion. Also, this is not an April Fool's Day joke. This is an actual stupid thing that cracks up a bunch of friends every time we talk about it. I suspect it falls under the category of "you had to be there," but I'm telling the story anyway because it's cracking me up right now.

Last November, Jim and I, and our buddy Dawn, took the second (and final) comprehensive exam in our MA program. We promptly went out to "eat" (where "eat" == "drink" but with a little bit of food) after the exam, to PF Chang's. We ate, and then we drank and drank and drank. Jim's wife, Karen, showed up as well. This was the first time we met Karen, and we heartily approved of her.

We were sitting in a round booth, and I was at one end, so when Dawn had to get up and pee (as she did), I would be the one to get up. At one point, we were laughing SO VERY HARD at something, don't recall what, but after a comprehensive exam and a bunch of alcohol everything is funny. Dawn held up a piece of a scallion. I immediately got up from the table.

It was like a little bat signal. Holding up an onion means "I have to pee." She doesn't know why she did it. I don't know why she did it. Better yet, none of us knew why I immediately got up to let her out of the booth, since "onion means potty" had never been discussed. Of course, this made it all the more hilarious to us.

We made it out of PF Chang's and down the block to the Cinnabar. The Cinnabar is best described as a dive bar. A pit. Pabst Blue Ribbon ON TAP. Awesome. We hugged our clean little corner of the wall, drank some beer, and Dawn announced that she had to go to the onion.

We've called the bathroom "the onion" ever since. It makes no sense at all, not even to us, but it's damn hilarious.

Got an email a little while ago, coordinating plans for an outing on Wednesday night. We decided on PF Chang's again because, as Dawn pointed out in her mail, "It's got a nice onion."