Saturday, April 14, 2007

blogging from the car dealership

No, I'm not buying a new car. I'm simply having a bunch of preventative stuff done to the car while I have the time, money, and a Mazda dealership nearby (it seems the closest one to Pullman is actually in Spokane).

So, new brakes and an iPod integration module for the radio it is.

The dealership just completed a year-long renovation/remodeling and boy howdy is it nice. There's a huge flatscreen TV, this computer station, wireless (if I had wanted to bring my laptop, which I did not), couches, free coffee, etc.

Like a good little thesis-writer, I brought four critical books on Thoreau, so I can review all my notes, make new ones, and so forth....since I'll be here for five hours.

It's sad, but true, that I had to go to the car dealership to get five uninterrupted hours of work done.