Saturday, April 28, 2007

because the Do Not Call Registry has a bunch of loopholes....

Did you all know about this web site: Probably. Heck, I might have said something about it before. Too lazy to look.

I get a ton of phone calls every day from numbers listed as "unknown" or "name unavailable" despite the fact that my home number is in the Do Not Call registry. Well, as I eventually learned, there are plenty of loopholes—"existing relationship with the company" is loosely defined, for example. When I move to WA, I'm not getting a landline.

So when the phone rings over and over every day, often on the hour, I run the number through and see hundreds of others who have received the same call, what they found out, how they stopped the calls, etc. Typically, the call is from a company contracted by one of your bankcards to try to upsell something and the only way to get them to stop is to pick up the darn phone and say "freaking STOP calling me."

Interesting tidbit: almost all of the calls like this are from CitiBank-related companies. That is to say, Capital One-related companies are rarely the least on my phone. I used to work for Capital One. Interesting time. Nothing at all to do with this post, though.