Wednesday, March 21, 2007

one more class to teach, then spring break!

Tomorrow, 7:30am. Darn right I made an essay due on that day. Otherwise, I'm sure no one would show up.

Then again, probably a bunch won't show up anyway. This semester's students are quite different from last semester's group of students, and it's not just in my classes. Other profs are noting there's something off this semester. Also, in the non-English Dept. class (I grade some things for it, and facilitate some stuff), there are a ton of...let's just say "different" students. It's a challenge.

With my comp sections, I have maybe a solid group of 20 out of 43 students. Last semester I had a solid 20 or so out of 24. Quick polls in other comp sections show this to be the norm. Something about the percentage of repeat students (it's ABC/NC and students can just keep on trying until they get that C) from Fall semester.

Anyway, everyone needs a break from each other. I need to work on my thesis. Things like that.

One more class.