Friday, March 16, 2007

final results and other stuff

Although I made up my mind ages ago (Go Cougars!), here are the final results of school acceptances/rejections:

* accepted at: UC-Davis, Washington State, New Mexico
* rejected from: Washington, Rice, Oregon

I already have a place to live in Pullman. It's a 2BR duplex (hooray! a reading room!), bigger than my condo, and the rent is 31% of my current mortgage payment. It's also a 10-minute walk to the center of campus. Very exciting. I'll probably move up there in early June.

I turned in a drafty third of my thesis. Whew.

I also got a shiny new laptop. My current laptop (Gateway M675) is still pretty awesome, but it's four years old and I figured I should upgrade now when I have the money. I am a loyal Gateway customer, and my new laptop is a custom (read: tons of RAM) Gateway NX860S. It's a Vista machine. I played around with Vista the other day when I was helping the mentor prof family deal with their new desktop. Once I turn off the annoying man in a dark suit (if you've seen the Apple vs PC ad you'll know what I'm talking about) it'll be fine.