Friday, March 30, 2007

entering yosemite

One week ago at this time (give or take two hours), I was in Yosemite. One week ago at this time (give or take two hours), I almost ran the car into a redwood tree when I rounded a curve and saw a sight something like this (see photo and click to embiggen).

I say "something" like this because this photo was actually taken as we left Yosemite Valley on Sunday, while standing at Tunnel View.

I don't remember if any photos were taken as we entered the park on Friday night . It was all too overwhelming.

Thankfully there was a crazy full little waterfall next to a turn-out, so we stopped and took a moment.

"Tomorrow I will be among the sublimities of Yosemite and forget that ever a thought of civilization or time-honored proprieties came among my pathless, lawless thoughts and wanderings."—John Muir in letter to his brother, 1869
It was dusky as we drove into the Valley, but that didn't stop us (and everyone else) from stopping every so often and marveling at things. Just the crystal clear water of the Merced River was enough to amaze me, but then I turned my head to the right and noticed Bridalveil. Damn high waterfall, right? Except Bridalveil is "only" 620 feet high. We would stand at the base of it the next day and get drenched in the mist.

We managed to get to Curry Village without incident and settled in for the night. As Linda read through the book of hikes ("sounds good!" I said to just about every one), I fell fast asleep.

Top photo by Linda and I was standing right behind her. Bridalveil photo by Flickr user jfew, taken a month or so ago (and I don't know him at all but thanks for sharing on Flickr).