Monday, March 26, 2007

bouldering: it's all about the ass

I promise there will be more Yosemite talk soon, especially after Linda gets her photos developed (I don't own a camera) and I have more than a few moments here and there.


One of the many things I saw and/or learned about on this trip is of bouldering. No, I do not boulder. I have the upper body strength of a gnat. In order for me to boulder, I determined I'd have to lose approximately one-half my body weight and become two or more times stronger. I don't see either thing happening anytime soon.

But my buddy Jim and his lovely wife Karen (and a climbing pal of theirs) do the bouldering thing, and they were in Yosemite this weekend as well. Much fun was had by all.

On Saturday, after Linda and I did a hiking thing, we went out to see the bouldering crew doing their thing. Apparently all one really needs is a big rock and a great deal of imagination, although Jim says that sometimes beer helps. We sat and watched them tackle two different rocks for a good hour-plus. Bouldering is all about problem-solving and determination.

It is also clearly about the ass:

[click to embiggen]

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Pictured here from L to R are: Karen's ass, climber pal's ass, Jim's ass.