Saturday, February 3, 2007

my kitchen countertop is so nice, i think i might cry

Not really, but it sure makes a difference. I ordered the new appliances yesterday, so sometime next week I should have a sparkling new stove, fridge, washer, and dryer. I'll get to put "all new appliances" in the sales listing! Somehing that will cost me ~$1500 will raise the price of the place certainly more than that. Good investment.

Anyway, so all I have left to do in the whole house are minor painting things plus one visit from Mr. Handyman to do things like replace some outlets (I don't mess with electricity), put up some shelving (I don't mess with things that need to be level), and install some new bi-fold doors on the laundry area (see above re: things needing to be level). The flooring guys need to do the flooring in the vanity/bathroom and the kitchen. But it's damn near done and I can stop obsessing about it!

By my calculations, I'll live in a nice place for about 4.5 months. Whoo hoo!

Today I'm off to do a bunch of grading so that tomorrow I can work on my thesis intro (10 pages or so)'s due during my Tuesday meeting. I must also write a summary of my research so that lay people (profs outside the dept) can see that I did a bunch of it. How does one do that, really? In science, you can totally rock a research summary what with all those experiments and stuff. Me? How do I articulate that "I read a hell of a lot of primary material and secondary sources" is good research? It's sort of a rhetorical question.

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