Thursday, February 1, 2007

excuse me, has anyone seen january?

Wow, January flew right on by, didn't it? I'd like at least one week of it back, I think.

Today is my first real teaching day of the semester. It's about damn time, don't you think? Both classes have taken their diagnostic essay, and I've glanced at them enough to know that, again, my students don't suck. All of their issues are perfectly normal issues to have in freshman composition and are correctable issues. I'm beginning to think that the people I've met here (fellow TAs, other people) who complain about their students just don't want to have students. Or, they think their students pop forth from high school fully-formed and ready to rock and roll in the comp classroom. Uh, no. That's why they're here, isn't it?


Looks like the TTh class has settled at 23 students, and the MW class will have 14. Pretty snazzy.

As expected, student responses to the "Printcrime" exercise were a lot more interesting than their diagnostic essays. I can clearly see who didn't read closely (about half) and who at least tried to answer all the questions even if it was "I don't know but it could be..." (all). So, it was a useful exercise.

Alright, I'm off in a few hours to lecture on the wonders of the narrative essay. Then it's back to the "real" job and then tonight I have to prep my kitchen for the countertop install guy who will be here tomorrow. I live a thrilling life, let me tell you.