Tuesday, February 13, 2007


One of my school chums had the day off from substituting in the public school system, so she decided to come to my class this morning and bring donuts for everyone. I'm never one to turn down free donuts, that's for sure, and I figured the students wouldn't mind a snack/breakfast. My class is at 7:30am, after all.

So today was one of those "intro to [mode]" day, which means that I do a lot of the talking unless I'm asking them for examples and what not. We're doing "description" right now. There was much writing on the board as we went through the five senses and made up ludicrous examples, and talked about objective and subjective descriptions, and figurative language, and blah blah blah. Like I said, much writing on the board and general talking-with-my-hands (as I am genetically predisposed to do, being Italian).

My school chum knows me from seminars (American short story seminar, theory seminar, Victorian seminar) and our weekly trips to various greasy spoons for pancakes at 10pm. In other words, she knows quiet, calm, overly tired Julie, not 7:30 in the morning teacher Julie.

When we left the classroom this morning the first thing she said to me was: "Dude, you teach like you're on crack!"

She was going for "lively," I believe, and not "insane and drug-addled," so I took it as a compliment.