Sunday, February 11, 2007

continuing the "i'm so boring" trend...

Let me tell you how excited I am by my brand new appliances: VERY EXCITED.

I am the proud owner of a new washer, dryer, range, and refrigerator. I get to use these sparkly white (and large!) things for five whole months (or so) until they become the property of someone else. Oh well, at least we'll have this time together.

Yesterday was a big waste of a day for me. Much like Jane Dark's wasted afternoon waiting for a technician, I spent a good six-hour chunk of time watching the plumber do his thing in the kitchen.

I wasn't really "watching" so much as I was sitting at my table next to the kitchen trying to do work but failing miserably at it. Oh well. At least now I have new shutoff valves for the washer, the kitchen sink faucet is in place, and the garbage disposal was installed with all the correct diswasher/air gap/whatever stuff hooked up. I certainly chose well in having the plumber deal with all this, because even he had to make three trips to the hardware store to get little pieces that weren't part of his truck's inventory. I would have been running around like a crazy person trying to figure shit out, and it if took him six hours, I imagine I'd still be dealing with it.

Bleh. But hey! If I get all my work done today, I'm going to cook something tonight on my new range. Cooking-related posts have been woefully absent from this blog.