Friday, January 12, 2007

sugar-free tastes like crap

I like sweet things. REAL sweet tea, for example (the kind that's mostly sugar and a little bit of tea, all boiled together into a syrup), is a favorite of mine and I miss it terribly. I can't stand diet sodas of any kind, so when I do drink soda (maybe two or three times each month) I go for the good stuff.

I used to be a dump-tons-of-sugar-in-my-coffee kind of person, but I drink a lot of coffee and thus was ingesting a lot of sugar. So, several years ago I made the difficult switch to blue sweetener. I prefer it to the pink or yellow sweetener, although I will say that it's still pretty shitty. It probably would have been easier to train myself to like unsweetened coffee, but that requires really good coffee brewed properly at all times, and I'm not so good with keeping god coffee around and brewing it properly all the time.

What's all this about then? Well, the point is that at least I think about being conscious of sugar intake. So much so that when I went to Starbucks this morning I remembered that the Cinnamon Dolce Latte comes in a sugar-free version. The sugar-free version is a difference of 300 calories or so, which is a good thing.


and there's always an exception...

it tastes like crap.