Monday, January 8, 2007

so proud of the kitties

They spent almost NINE hours in their little crates, and only peeped, not peed.

I am so proud of them. Max is sitting right here next to me, and Deuce isn't even hiding under the bed sitting on the clean laundry, as a cat should.

The handyman was awesome. Hooray Mr. Handyman! He did all the major things, and a few minor things, and was really nice and teacherly when he ripped out something I had tried (and failed) to do and showed me how I should have done it.

The day's work took a few hours longer because we had some furniture issues. Namely, that the vanity cabinet that I purchased and had waiting for him was totally thrashed on the inside. So we taped it up, he threw it in the back of the truck, and followed me to Home Depot. I gave them back the thrashed cabinet and we went to get a new one but alas it was not in stock. Went to the next-closest one and got one there. I purchased a few other parts he needed for my job, and we went back to the house. Had he done all the purchasing himself, he would have had to mark all the parts up. This way, I just paid the regular price.

See? Handy.

Tomorrow is the shower/bath refinishing, and then that's all for this week. I'll do minor things in the evenings. Probably the end of the following week the kitchen will get done, and then the week after that will be the flooring and I'll be done done done. Whoo hoo!