Tuesday, January 16, 2007

oooh, The Diamond Age as miniseries!

Cory @ BoingBoing sez: Clooney and SciFi making "Diamond Age" miniseries
Neal Stephenson's Hugo-award winning masterpiece The Diamond Age is being made into a SciFi Channel miniseries. The Diamond Age tells the story of a group of neo-Victorians who've embraced strait-laced ethics and craftsmanship as a response to the infinite possibilities of nanotechnology. It features a stupendously imaginative interactive storybook, moments of convulsive hilarity, and a lovely explanation of Turing-complete computing. It's my second-favorite Stephenson novel (after Cryptonomicon), so don't screw it up, SciFi!
I heartily echo the "don't screw it up, SciFi!" statement, but The Diamond Age is not my second-favorite Stephenson novel, it's my first-favorite Stephenson novel. Actually, The Diamond Age and Snow Crash are 1A and 1B for me.