Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i love my faculty

Really. With the exception of one women who has a rather unfortunate nickname around the department, and the faculty I just don't know, we have some awesome folks here (even if I do wonder about their measurement of me).

I just asked one of "my guys" for some tips regarding a little summary document for an award he's nominating me for (although if he saw the crappy grammar in that sentence he'd probably rescind the nomination) and ten minutes later he dumps out a page and a half of suggestions. I was just looking for bullets! He's awesome.

The other day, I had just made some copies and one faculty member had left an original in the copier. I saw she was in her office so I handed it to her and chatted with the folks in her office. Talked about my thesis, composition, Elbow. I've never had the folks for a course, because they're the English Ed folks. But they loaned a book to me and e-mailed me a good little story about dissertation/thesis-writing...just because they're nice folks.

Today I had office hours. I had three visitors: one student needed to make up the diagnostic exam ("I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I set my alarm for PM instead of AM...") and two faculty members who needed to talk to me about some things and made appointments with me to do so. Hilarious!

There's a ton of turmoil right now in our department (what department doesn't have turmoil??) but I found myself a good gang of folks.