Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It is currently 37 degrees in San Jose. Now, my parents will tell you that I have no problem with the cold. I like the cold. I prefer it to heat (in fact, I hate hate hate the heat). I hardly ever wear a jacket because I stay warm pretty well on my own.

But it's freaking COLD outside.

This would not be a problem, usually, because my little condo has really lovely forced heat. However, I do not have the heat on as we speak (and I keep it at 66 anyway) because I am venting the fumes out of my house.

I had my shower/tub combo refinished yesterday and the fumes are still hanging around. When the fellow was here doing the work yesterday, he had this cool pump-driven vent sort of deal so no worries for me and the cats...the ducks and the birds and squirrels outside stayed away for a few hours...sorry, environment.

Anyway, I could hardly stand it last night. Luckily, I was up and working in the wee hours so I just had the back door open then as well.

No, I'm not turning the heat on. That would just be a waste of electricity and money since the back door is going to stay open until the smell clears up or my toes fall off, one or the other. Instead, I'll just complain on my blog!

The cats have the right idea. They're in the bedroom hiding under the blanket: it's warm and acts as a filter from the smell.

[But boy oh boy does my shower/tub look nice. I almost cried.]

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