Saturday, December 30, 2006

a trip to the dump

Part of home improvement is demolition, and being the somewhat-good person that I am I did not sneak my demolished base cabinets and countertops into the dumpsters here at my condo complex. Instead, I asked my buddy Jim if he was experienced in the ways of the dump (actually the "Fremont Landfill" but whatever). Turns out that not only is he experienced in the ways of the dump and has a pickup truck, but he also still has a driver's license with a Fremont address and thus could actually get into the dump. Apparently this particular dump is limited to people who live in one of three particular cities, none of which are mine.

No, I don't know where the other dumps are. After going to this one, I don't want to know where the others are.

It was a pretty tight operation, especially for people in a small truck with just a few large items to toss onto the enormous pile of waste. We paid our $11.95, drove up a long, winding road to the current top of the pile, parked the truck, and tossed large items on the enormous pile of waste.

The photo in this post doesn't begin to do justice to the enormous number of seagulls patrolling the dump. Those suckers own the dump. We lowly humans are just the purveyors of fine dining for them, apparently, and they come at you in waves of seagull aggression. Freaky. I was too dumbstruck by the whole dump experience to haul out the cameraphone and snap some pictures.

One part of me was completely disgusted by the enormous pile of waste we humans have produced, but the other part of me was particularly pleased that at least it was confined to this area. Also, this particular dump has been recognized by the EPA for some sort of environmental goodness, so there's that...