Tuesday, December 26, 2006

it's home improvement week

I know I said I'd start on my thesis, but I really have to deal with a lot of the remaining home improvement stuff while our company is technically closed this week.

I started in the bathroom. It needs a new vanity, medicine cabinet, light, flooring, and a shower/tub thing. I ripped out the old vanity, medicine cabinet, light, and flooring. I gave the walls a once-over with paint (they'll get another coat tomorrow). I bought a new medicine cabinet and light to replace when the second coat of paint is dry.

Then I learned the hard way where my water shut-off isn't for that bathroom.

The plumber will be here in a few hours to do something minor—but which requires the water to be shutoff from elsewhere and I don't have the tool—and then I'll continue on my merry way...

I'll get the new vanity and sink tomorrow and install it. The flooring and shower/tub will be dealt with by others.

On Friday (I think), I'll rip out the other vanity (I have a vanity area between the bedroom and bathroom) and replace it. But another person and a truck is involved for that bit of fun, as is taking all this stuff to the dump.

I really do not enjoy the home improvement thing. I know a lot of people do. I am not one of them. But doing what one can is a lot cheaper than having others do it, so when there's time it's best just to suck it up and do it.

After the bathroom/vanity is done I need to finish painting some areas in the living room/hall closet. Then all that will remain is the kitchen countertop and flooring. The bonus there is that I'll get a new range, so for six months or so I'll be able to cook on a nice stovetop/in a nice oven.